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Website Solution - Printing Marketing Services Honolulu Hawaii
"A Web site is what the people ask for...
and a solution is what they actually need."

  1. You purchase the MBC $2599 Interactive Website Package (flat fee - no more... no less). This package includes, design, directory, maintenance, news publishing system, home page manager system, forms, photo gallery, broadcast Email campaigns, maintenance and advance Web site features and function (shopping carts, etc.) MBC might deem necessary to build you a successful web site. See link below for package details.

  2. We build, launch and maintain your website. This fully empowers you to do what you do best... run your business and not attempt to become an Web guru/expert.

  3. We continue to develop and maintain your website until it is successful (normally takes 1-6 months but we will work on your site for up to 1 year at no additional cost if we do not achieve success). We use all our custom tools, resources, databases, technology, strategies, etc. to make your website successful. You do not pay any more money until your site is a SUCCESS. That's right we will diligently work up to a whole year should we not achieve success.

    WE HAVE A LOT OF RESOURCES: When you get our virtual tour or come to our office for our presentation and site analysis (required), we will give you a tour of the wealth of resources, technology, databases and strategies we have at our fingertips to make your website successful. We also will mutually define what SUCCESS is for YOU!

  4. Once success is achieved, we mutually evaluate the tasks and responsibilities and discuss further costs to maintain or grow that level of success.
OUR COMMITMENT - We will continue to strive to achieve a successful website for you for up to one year or until the website does achieve success at no additional costs. This will include updates, eblasts, consultation, and anything else MBC deems necessary to make your web site a success.

Our formula is simple... our clients must experience success. We have supported hundreds of happy clients for over 17 YEARS!


Click here to view the $2599 Package Details.


With the MBC Web Site Solution, for a low flat fee of $2599, you get a Web Site that is functional, rich with content and full of great unique features. Your Web Site is in good hands with the professionals at MBC, who are committed to going above and beyond to bring you success you can measure. MBC's proprietary technology was created by our designers to bring you the seamless synergy of a complete and efficient Web Site solution.

  • MBC Web Site Directory & Site Directory Solution
  • Site Analysis, Design, Navigation and Architecture
  • Online Email List Subscription/Broadcast Email System & Setup
  • MBC News Posting System
  • Web Site Maintenance Contract
  • Anything MBC might deemed necessary to make a successful Web site for you
  • and much more on link below to view details
  • Commitment to your success and achieving your goals
  • Unique technology designed by MBC that achieves a high level of synergy
  • Fast turnaround times- get started today, and get updates quickly!
  • Results you can measure- more money, more traffic, greater return on investment
  • Low flat fee of $2599 that includes a great maintenance contract


It is important that you select a Web site company that is aligned with your needs, vision, business model, operations and philosophy. MBC's Web site services achieve this with one key concept:
Syn•ergy (sin′ər jē)

The combined action of two or more agents which produces a result stronger than their individual efforts

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